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Cycling 2007

This summer I rode the Indy NITE ride (http://www.cibaride.org/), the Hoosier Hills Bike Tour (http://www.bloomington.in.gov/parks/hoosier_bike_tour.php) , the Apple Cider Century (http://www.applecidercentury.com/), and the Hilly Hundred (http://www.hillyhundred.org/).  The Apple Cider was great, but the Hilly is still my favorite.

I also had a full can of beer thrown at me, was run off the road twice, threatened with a tire iron, and had a swing taken at me with a baseball bat.

OpenVPN on ClarkConnect Community 4.1

I recently installed OpenVPN (http://openvpn.net/) on two ClarkConnect (http://www.clarkconnect.com/) servers. The ClarkConnect 4.1 repositories include an OpenVPN package, but configuration must be done manually. My installation notes can be found at: http://fath.info/fathinfo/CCOpenVPN

ClarkConnect is a really excellent firewall / file server distribution based on RedHat Linux. They offer both commercial and community editions along with various support services.

Welcome to the 21st century


I finally discarded my old, hand coded, static HTML Web site and replaced it with a Drupal site.  So far, I've found Drupal to be intuitive and very powerful.

 The bad news is, the content is mostly the same, boring stuff.  Some images I want to share with friends and family along with links to my SourceForge projects.

 The good news is, Drupal makes adding new content trivial, so maybe I'll find more things to add.



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